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I own a copy of Pages, the Apple equivalent of Microsoft Word. I want to update it. I am happy to pay.

I go to the App Store, an OS X application that takes me direct to the software store for the desktop (as opposed to the iTunes app store for iPhone and iPad apps). I search for Pages and up it comes, marked Update. So Apple has noticed that I already own a copy. I click update and bingo:

You have updates available for other accounts.

But I have no other accounts. I have never had any other accounts. So what is going on? A quick google brings me to


This was posted on 25 Jun 2011, almost exactly two years ago. Of course, the suggested “mdutil” no longer works. But further googling shows that using the more complicated launchctl on the command line does work. I am fairly familiar with how to use the command line, so I execute the launchctl command. Nothing happens.

But then I remember that in my frustration with Spotlight forever slowing things to a crawl, my first step had been to exclude the main disk from its purview, so I go into the regular System Preferences app to bring it back. Spotlight then indexes busily for 15 minutes, at the end of which, I try again. Still no update possible.

I grasp that I need to reload the App Store. That works. My computer starts downloading (rather slowly) the 0.4GB update to v4.3. Apparently it is a free update.

Why can’t Apple fix such a basic bug in 2 years?


Of course, I should be grateful that OS X is not worse. I finally succumbed to the lure of the e-reader and acquired the basic Nook for £29 + £10 for the case. I duly downloaded one of the million free books Barnes & Noble supplies and it seemed ok. But I also wanted to try it on my own pdf files. I figured out how to import them into the Nook for Mac desktop app. I found the sync button, connected my Nook by USB and it duly synced 10 out of 13. I tried again, and again. I tried various other things. But there seemed to be no way of getting the recalcitrant 3 to move to the Nook.

Maybe it was a pdf problem. I use my new Pages 4.3 to turn a document I was creating into an .epub. I synced again. No luck. It wouldn’t move across.

So I googled and found that the notorious Nook for Mac bug has been around for a long time. Plenty of world-weary geeks comment in the forums that the remedy is easy, switch to another ereader, because Barnes & Noble has form for not getting such things sorted out.

Something tells me it will work fine for £10 downloads from B&N, but I am in no hurry to find out.

Added later: A little more googling through the forums and I find a recommendation to try NookStudy, an enhanced Nook reader for the Mac. Still doesn’t sync. Then someone comments in passing that after connecting with the USB drive, their Nook behaves just like another drive, so it is easy to copy files across. Grrrr! Of course, they are right. Pity B&N couldn’t have mentioned it in their extensive documentation somewhere, or even dropped a hint on the face of the app.

Of course, I forgot to disable Spotlight again after downloading the Pages update, so everything ground to a halt during some damned indexing exercise. Oddly there is on useful part of Spotlight – it can create a directory showing all files saved in the last 24 hours or whatever. But there seems to be no way to retain just that feature, which would hardly involve much processing.

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