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Administering noxious substances


Last night Greater Manchester Police confirmed that Mr Crompton had been arrested for administering a noxious substance.
A spokesman said: ‘On Tuesday, 2 Apr 14, police in North Manchester received a report of concern over medicine administered to a resident at a Blackley care home. Officers from the public protection investigation unit started an investigation and a multi-agency strategy meeting was held with partner agencies to discuss how to best establish the facts. Subsequently an 83-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of administering a noxious substance.’ Mr Crompton has been bailed until Apr 28.

[The Mail, Fri 11 Apr 14]

Well, the boys in blue got one thing right. Prescription medicines frequently are noxious substances which should not be administered. But a “multi-agency strategy meeting” to figure out if a man should be allowed to hand his wife her pills? Has all common sense disappeared in the welter of tick-boxes and arrest targets?

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