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Bank bonuses

I last wrote about bonuses and bankers’ pay more than six years ago. In the second half of the article I remarked in passing that: It makes no difference whether high remuneration is paid as a bonus or as regular pay. It would be relatively straightforward to remove all bonuses without affecting the amount anyone […]

Syria (2)

In my earlier post I focussed on the outrage caused by Ken Livingstone’s remarks that 7/7 was caused by Blair invading Iraq – in other words, far from reducing the terrorist risk, it had increased it. But we have now had the promised debate which resulted in a large majority for bombing Syria. It took […]

The Turtles

Anyone faced with a new and challenging senior role wants to be sure that his key people will perform well. In practice, most people feel that the best hope of achieving this is to hire people he already knows, who have worked with him before. For example, when Steve Jobs was brought back to Apple […]


I have to admit that I find the level of debate about bombing Islamic State depressing. Ken Livingstone is one of my favourite political figures. His opinions on most things differ from mine, but I respect the fact that he does his homework, and positions which at first may appear cranky or far-out often turn […]

Universal Credit (2)

I last wrote about Universal Credit (UC) more than two years ago, just as it was running into heavy criticism from Commons’ Committees and within government. I had intended to write one or two further articles about that criticism within a month or two. There is little point in going into that in any detail […]