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Facebook (=FB)

I last wrote about FB more than 5 years ago. At that time information was relatively sketchy but it seemed to have historic net income of around $0.3 billion but was suffering quite serious technical glitches. A few months later I made some comments about Zuckerberg’s fairly ruthless approach to using tech to get revenue. […]

St Marcel Initiative

One of the few old Collegemen to become a Catholic bishop needs no introduction. Richard Williamson has certainly managed to make a complete fool of himself on various peripheral issues, such as holocaust denial and conspiracy theories for the collapse of the Twin Towers. He originally applied to join the Brompton Oratory, but was judged […]

The unforgivable sin (for Tories)

For the benefit of any stray readers who may be even less well-informed than me on the new Cabinet, a few brief comments. I have unkindly put up the current cabinet, complete with photos: Unkindly, because who can tell me, off the top of their head, which of them was already in the Cabinet, and […]

All too much …

Having blogged nothing so far this year, how to restart? I keep waiting for things to calm down. I cannot remember a time when so much happened so fast in the UK. I have not checked the news today, but we just had the “Day of the Short Stilettos” and the interesting question of why […]

Bank bonuses

I last wrote about bonuses and bankers’ pay more than six years ago. In the second half of the article I remarked in passing that: It makes no difference whether high remuneration is paid as a bonus or as regular pay. It would be relatively straightforward to remove all bonuses without affecting the amount anyone […]