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Supernova 1987A

This supernova was in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a dwarf galaxy rotating slowly around our own galaxy, the Milky way. Such nearby supernovae are rare. It is estimated (by counting supernova remnants) that there is a supernova in the Large or Small Magellanic Cloud about every 300 years. Supernovae are exploding stars and it is […]

Brian Greene

The idea that fundamental physics is explained by the multiverse is one of those ideas so obviously bad that I can only watch in absolute amazement so many smart people supporting it. By comparison string theory (Greene’s area of specialism when he is not popularising) seems relatively innocuous. Its problem is that it is prediction-free. […]

Mochi (1)

In 1985 David Masser proposed the abc conjecture. You probably don’t want to know exactly what it is, and you certainly don’t need to for this article. But for those who are curious I give a few details at the end (under Technical Details). The important point is that after twenty years it was coming […]

Trussell Trust

Paddy and Carol Henderson were activists employed by the UN and working with street children in Sofia. Carol’s mother, Betty Trussell, had left them some money and in 1997 they established the Trussell Trust, a registered charity (no. 1110522). In 2000 they decided to switch operations to the UK on hearing about a mother having […]

Administering noxious substances

Last night Greater Manchester Police confirmed that Mr Crompton had been arrested for administering a noxious substance. A spokesman said: ‘On Tuesday, 2 Apr 14, police in North Manchester received a report of concern over medicine administered to a resident at a Blackley care home. Officers from the public protection investigation unit started an investigation […]