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Barrack-room lawyer

It is several decades since I used the phrase in the title, so I checked the spelling at the online OED: and realized with amusement that it arguably did not quite fit. Miller has just escaped, implausibly. Faced with this report from the Parliamentary Commissioner, most ministers would have resigned: Were Mrs Miller’s ACA claims […]

Abortion update

I last wrote about abortion nearly three and a half years ago. I shall not repeat that detailed look at the statistics. The headlines are: (1) the total number of abortions for residents is substantial – over 150k/year in England and Wales. So if you regard abortion as the taking of a human life, then […]

Time for the sledgehammer

So claims Steve Richards, the Independent political columnist referring yesterday to persistent bad behaviour by police, bankers, power companies and BBC management. My favourite political columnist was always Anthony Howard. By temperament he preferred Labour to the Tories, but he could be critical of both. His real strength was his extraordinarily detailed knowledge going back […]

Bitcoins (2)

My first blog on this topic was in January with some basic arithmetic, which showed that buying fancy kit to mine bitcoins looks a thoroughly dicey business. I intended the next article to be about various schemes being deployed to make money in such an environment – all the standard financial tricks are being wheeled […]

Whate’ers begun in anger ends in shame

The Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) lasted from 1974 to 1984. It was effectively a pro-paedophile lobbying group. In the 1970s the big issue was not child abuse but gay liberation. In that climate, the main struggle was to get a sexual interest in someone of the same sex seen as a lifestyle choice, rather then […]