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Laser pointers

In October 2014 a small group of people was having a party in the backyard in the West Midlands at 1:15am. They noticed a police helicopter nearby and one of them, Chris Vowles, pointed a 120 mW green laser at it. The police pointed their cameras at the party and directed a police car to […]


Henness(e)y is a confusing surname. Well, to be more precise, despite my only noticing its prevalence recently, it seems to be quite a common Irish surname, although not in old or new top 100 lists. I recently chanced on the book above. After buying it from Amazon, I am now about halfway through. The plaudits […]

John Manzoni

This is the second in a series of articles about changes at the top of the civil service and in key ministerial posts over the last 18 months or so. [John Manzoni at Reform’s Annual Conference 15 Oct 2015. 184 views to 18 Nov 2015, two of them mine. Evidently not an inspiring speaker.] Manzoni […]

Matthew Hancock

After more or less ignoring politics for eighteen months, I am trying to catch up with changes at the top of the civil service and in key ministerial roles. So this is the first in a series of catch-up posts. A few months before the last election, Francis Maude (b1953) announced he would be standing […]

Communications and other data (2)

In the first article ( Guilt by Association ) I listed three factors that people tended to miss when advocating more powers for the security services and police. The third was the impact of Big Data. I have written on this topic before (eg here and here), but I do not seem to have written […]