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iCal syncing

iCal, or more formally Calendar v7.0, is Apple’s calendar app. There is a desktop version which runs under OS X, and a mobile version, which runs under iOS. Syncing is a fairly obvious issue. Typing is faster on my desktop, so if I am sitting there I prefer to enter appointments onto the desktop version, […]


For the benefit of Windows users, I should explain that Spotlight is the Apple OS X indexing system. It sounds really neat: clever search, automatic creation of “smart folders” containing things like files created today, the possibility of creating custom-built smart folders, automatic (but customisable) search across a whole range of things. It was intended […]

iCloud (2)

My attitude towards Apple is distinctly ambivalent. In summary, it turned out that the internal hard disk in my 5 year-old desktop iMac was clapped out. When I eventually grasped that, fixing it proved bizarrely complicated. I was not impressed with the Genius Bar in the flagship Oxford Circus store in London. Also the more […]