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Child porn (2)

My first post on this topic was more than eight years ago. For most of that time the situation has got worse. Much worse. But today I saw the first glimmer of light: All major disasters have multiple causes and the great child abuse overreaction is no exception. Why grown men – and occasionally women […]

Hounding Hogan-Howe

Do we really want a succession of Ian Blairs as Met Commissioners (see here, here, and here)? His attention seemed to be largely focussed on pleasing politicians. He spent inordinate amounts of time on cases/issues that he thought might interest them. Hogan-Howe on the other hand is a proper policeman. I believe him when he […]

Named Persons

I have to confess to a secret vice: I enjoy reading law reports. My favourites are the Supreme Court judgments, but even the lowly Commercial Court can provide some enjoyable reading. I am not quite sure why I read them. Partly it is because many judges write beautifully clear English, partly because I quite enjoy […]

Cardinal Sean Brady

[Cardinal Sean Brady, bishop of Armagh and head of the Catholic Church in Ireland] One of the worst of the serial child abusers amongst the Catholic priests was Fr Eugene Greene in Raphoe diocese, which is a peaceful country area at the North-Western extreme of Ireland. It is sometimes known (incorrectly, but more helpfully) as […]

Independent Safeguarding Authority (2)

The early history was given in the earlier article. The original Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 offered some protection for individuals against intrusive questioning by insurance companies and others. Insurance contracts are “uberimae fidei” meaning “of the utmost good faith”. In other words the individual has a duty to disclose anything that might be relevant […]