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Independent Safeguarding Authority (1)

One of the headlines today is that the Met’s investigations into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann have now cost £2 million with no end in sight. It is hard not to be cynical about this. The saga has certainly sold far more than £2 million worth of tabloid newspapers. Madeleine, then 3, disappeared almost 5 […]

Mandatory reporting

Dawkins and many others have been gloating that the smoking gun on Vatican involvement in covering up child abuse by Catholic clergy has finally come to light, in the form of a letter from the Apostolic Nuncio in Ireland to the Irish bishops dated 31 January 1997: I find the discussion of this fairly puzzling. […]

Pope Benedict and child abuse

Geoffrey Robertson is a well-known UK barrister who has specialized in human rights law. He has also written an engaging memoir about some of his leading cases in The Justice Game, ISBN 0099581914. His latest book is more controversial (shown above, ISBN 9780241953846). It is fairly short – about 180 pages + some appendices etc. […]

Child abuse update

The Catholic church scandal bumbles on, partly because litigation is a slow process. On October 22 a vast cache of documents was released by Judge Pate following the San Diego settlement. Part of the settlement agreement in 2008 had been that an independent judge should decide which documents could be released into the public domain. […]