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Codejam is here again. It is a test in devising algorithms against the clock, open to all-comers world wide. It was supposedly started by Google as a way of trying to select good programmers to work for them, or at least of providing a more objective measure of candidates’ abilities than the usual interview process. […]

Legacy software

How long does it take for software to deteriorate? I ask because of an infuriating problem with my iPod Touch. I originally bought it because I was interested in developing apps for the iPhone. I did not have an iPhone at the time and XCode (the Apple development environment) did not have a useful simulator. […]


Apple Woes Aka Riots (2). My suspicion – prompted by the Apple Genius Bar in the flagship store at Oxford Circus – was that the internal 1/4 TB drive in my five year old iMac was clapped out. Indeed that turned out to be more or less the only thing it got right in two […]

Bow down and worship

In the old days we had the great techie himself, before he moved on to saving the planet: There are just two small points to consider here. The first is the paradox of how the world’s greatest coder came to mastermind the production of some of the world’s worst code. The second, for those who […]

Being paid to play

Does anyone over 40 read this blog? If so, you may remember a series of non-fiction articles by Jerry Pournelle in the 1970s, collected and published in book form as “A Step Farther Out” around 1980. The basic idea was that mankind had to get established off the earth. It was an idea that resonated […]