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The final curtain

No one set out that day to kill an innocent man. [defiant pause] The coroner has ruled that on the extensive evidence called before him this was not an unlawful killing. Those officers knew that further terrorist attacks could take place. They set out with the intention to defend and protect the public. [Paul Stephenson, […]

C2 gives evidence

The other police firearms officer who shot Menezes gave evidence earlier this week (his colleague C12 gave evidence last week). It did not add much. Clearly the firearms officers and the surveillance officers are at odds over whether the latter had reported that Menezes was positively identified as the suspected bomber (with the firearms officers […]

Menezes inquest

I have written a fair amount about the Menezes affair already (eg here, here and here). It has been a sorry affair reflecting credit on almost no one involved. The original drama has been followed by three enquiries: the IPCC’s two reports, Stockwell 1 and Stockwell 2, the “health and safety” trial of the Met, […]

Log book

The Met trial is drawing to a close. The summing up is expected on Monday (29 October). The Court has now released the 4 pages of log book kept in the Scotland Yard control room: First, a few minor points. Cressida Dick earlier said that there were many things going on apart from the operation […]

Nettletip and the red mist

The Guardian has put a video released by the court on its website (unfortunately, no longer available – 2008). I have not yet figured out how to show it directly on this site. Have you ever felt slightly paranoid and wondered if the man behind you on the escalator is following you? Well, Menezes had […]