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Mark Duggan inquest

When I wrote in August 2011 about Mark Duggan (29) being shot dead by the police a week earlier, the situation was still confused. I have nothing to add on the riots that followed from the shooting, but the facts about the actual shooting itself have become somewhat clearer following the recent inquest. On 5 […]

Miranda rights

In the USA, police have to read suspects their “Miranda rights”. The name is based on Miranda v Arizona 384 US 436 (1966), a Supreme Court judgment which makes a defendant’s admissions inadmissible at trial if police fail to inform him adequately of his rights. A curious coincidence, because the current silly season story is […]


As I was strolling down Whitehall at 7am this morning I noticed a large radio van parked near the Cenotaph. Then outside the Cabinet Office a team was on the steps. I enquired what was up and got the usual brush-off. I persisted and the journalist explained disyllabically: Mitchell. I said it was amazing that […]

Shoot the messenger

The phone hacking scandal seems to run and run. We have just had Rupert Murdoch giving £1M of his own money to a charity to be chosen by Milly Dowler’s parents, as well as arranging for News International to pay them £2M. This has nothing to do with justice, and everything to do with appeasing […]

Baha Mousa

But where do you get the wretched report (3 vols, about a thousand pages)? Well you can order a hard copy from TSO for £155 + £3.75 postage, usually delivered within 3-5 working days. Surely there is a pdf download? Well the Inquiry website says there is: But all you get are 3 short pdfs, […]