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Quick wins

[George Joffe lecturing in Saudi Arabia in April 2016] Q63 [Crispin Blunt, Tory chairman] … Sticking with Libya, is it also a fact that there has been a lack of investment in our foreign policy apparatus, in the sense that we simply do not know what is happening on the ground? … [George Joffe, Kings […]

Nicholas Kollerstrom

The Kollerstrom Affair happened about 8-9 years ago, but somehow I missed it entirely. Nicholas Kollerstrom (69) is a writer and activist. He got his BA in Natural Sciences from Cambridge just before I arrived there and then got a job as a physics teacher. He has fairly eclectic interests. He has dabbled in astronomy […]

Anjem Choudary

[Anjem Choudary 2011 by Snapperjack, reproduced under the Creative Commons BY-SA 2.0 licence] My attention was caught by a short item on the Today program nearly two weeks ago, reporting that Choudary had been convicted under the Terrorism Acts and would be sentenced next month. He was convicted of the offence of inviting support for […]

Azelle Rodney

On 30 April 2005 Toby Long, one of the Met’s most experienced firearms officers shot dead Azelle Rodney. The following year the Crown Prosecution Service concluded that there was not enough evidence to support a case against him. That appeared to be that. But Azelle Rodney’s mother continued to campaign vigorously that this was an […]

Public theatre

Devotees of this column will be familiar with the idea of security theatre: you introduce measures which are of little use in promoting security but which convince an ill-informed public that you are protecting them. We now apparently have a generalisation of the concept in public theatre. I met it over the weekend whilst reading […]