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Codejam is here again. It is a test in devising algorithms against the clock, open to all-comers world wide. It was supposedly started by Google as a way of trying to select good programmers to work for them, or at least of providing a more objective measure of candidates’ abilities than the usual interview process. […]

Bitcoins (2)

My first blog on this topic was in January with some basic arithmetic, which showed that buying fancy kit to mine bitcoins looks a thoroughly dicey business. I intended the next article to be about various schemes being deployed to make money in such an environment – all the standard financial tricks are being wheeled […]

iCal syncing

iCal, or more formally Calendar v7.0, is Apple’s calendar app. There is a desktop version which runs under OS X, and a mobile version, which runs under iOS. Syncing is a fairly obvious issue. Typing is faster on my desktop, so if I am sitting there I prefer to enter appointments onto the desktop version, […]


For the benefit of Windows users, I should explain that Spotlight is the Apple OS X indexing system. It sounds really neat: clever search, automatic creation of “smart folders” containing things like files created today, the possibility of creating custom-built smart folders, automatic (but customisable) search across a whole range of things. It was intended […]

Bitcoins (1)

Bitcoins represent the first serious attempt at a free-standing currency founded on internet principles and designed to be outside the control of any government. It started with this paper published on the internet in 2009 No one has any idea who or what Satoshi Nakamoto is. But he was fairly active for the following year. […]