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For the benefit of Windows users, I should explain that Spotlight is the Apple OS X indexing system. It sounds really neat: clever search, automatic creation of “smart folders” containing things like files created today, the possibility of creating custom-built smart folders, automatic (but customisable) search across a whole range of things. It was intended […]

Bitcoins (1)

Bitcoins represent the first serious attempt at a free-standing currency founded on internet principles and designed to be outside the control of any government. It started with this paper published on the internet in 2009 No one has any idea who or what Satoshi Nakamoto is. But he was fairly active for the following year. […]

Universal credit (1)

This is a story of quite byzantine complexity, which arouses violent passions. Just to remind those who are not news junkies, Universal Credit, a name I dislike enough to abbreviate hereafter to UC, is a brave attempt to reduce high marginal tax rates on the poorest 20%. The reason the poorest face high marginal tax […]

Updates available

I own a copy of Pages, the Apple equivalent of Microsoft Word. I want to update it. I am happy to pay. I go to the App Store, an OS X application that takes me direct to the software store for the desktop (as opposed to the iTunes app store for iPhone and iPad apps). […]

Legacy software

How long does it take for software to deteriorate? I ask because of an infuriating problem with my iPod Touch. I originally bought it because I was interested in developing apps for the iPhone. I did not have an iPhone at the time and XCode (the Apple development environment) did not have a useful simulator. […]