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Universal credit (1)

This is a story of quite byzantine complexity, which arouses violent passions. Just to remind those who are not news junkies, Universal Credit, a name I dislike enough to abbreviate hereafter to UC, is a brave attempt to reduce high marginal tax rates on the poorest 20%. The reason the poorest face high marginal tax […]

Updates available

I own a copy of Pages, the Apple equivalent of Microsoft Word. I want to update it. I am happy to pay. I go to the App Store, an OS X application that takes me direct to the software store for the desktop (as opposed to the iTunes app store for iPhone and iPad apps). […]

Legacy software

How long does it take for software to deteriorate? I ask because of an infuriating problem with my iPod Touch. I originally bought it because I was interested in developing apps for the iPhone. I did not have an iPhone at the time and XCode (the Apple development environment) did not have a useful simulator. […]

Free software

I am in two minds about this. Just at the moment I am climbing the walls with frustration and fury. I have spent maybe two hours so far – one last night, another this morning – failing to get GAP to work properly. There is more than one GAP. Forget the clothes retailer, we are […]


This is a fairly tangled tale. I first noticed it yesterday when I read a long article in the Sunday Times colour supplement (p33, 35, 37, 39 + photos pp30-31). Stuxnet is the first well-publicised cyber weapon. It was used in 2009 to inflict serious damage Iran’s Natanz uranium enrichment facility – trashing about a […]